How Potty Train A Puppy

Do you want to know how potty train a puppy“Dogs are man’s best friend,” so the popular saying goes. It is no wonder then that most people would love dogs as pets. Even majority of children, are exceedingly excited in taking care of puppies until they become full grown. Training the puppy is one of the most enjoyable times that children spend with their pets. Potty training a puppy is one of the challenging chores that puppy owners should learn to do.

How Potty Train A Puppy

Here are some pointers on potty training a puppy:

Establish a regular time

Puppies should be brought outside first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. The time should also be the same time daily. After meals, you should bring them outside again after about 30 minutes. You have to do this at the same time every day to establish routine. Consistency helps a lot in potty training a puppy.

Reward good behavior

When the puppy goes outside to his potty place then you can give a reward. You can give him something delicious to eat, or a treat. This will let him remember that going outside is associated with delicious food or a treat. A back rub also lets the puppy feel how much you care for him. Potty training a puppy needs more positive reinforcement than a negative attitude.

Praise the puppy for good behavior

You can praise your puppy when he deserves it. Contrary to some perception that puppies or dogs are unfeeling, puppies and dogs do feel it when you are scolding them or not. Your tone of voice and pitch will indicate if you are pleased with him or not. Speak pleasantly and praise him got good behavior. That is one excellent way of potty training a puppy.

If he does it inside, carry him outside to his potty place

There will be times that the puppy will potty somewhere else than his usual place, then you have to carry him and bring him to his potty place outside. Find a good potty place for him where he can freely do his thing. It would help if the place should also be consistent. But some may bring their puppy for a walk for his potty training. Bringing the puppy for a walk would also allow him to breathe in fresh air and have some time to frolic.

If you could not walk your puppy daily, then you can find him a potty place outside your house. It is important that the place should not be “dirty.” It is still good, hygienic practice to select a place that may cause infection or transmission of diseases to your puppy. Potty training a puppy will be easy if you love dogs.

It is good to use the carrot method than the stick method. The carrot method or rewards for good behavior are a positive and superb way of ensuring obedience and loyalty from your puppy. If he is trained early, he will soon grow to be a potty trained, well disciplined, and well behaved dog. In potty training a puppy, you should be firm but kind.

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