How To Dance On A Pole

Do you want to know how to dance on a poleIf you are intrigued by pole dancing then the very first thought which will strike your mind is, “how to pole dance”. Now, in most cultures and by most people, pole dancing is seen in a bad light as something that bar dancers do to arouse sexual pleasure in men. However, now a day’s pole dancing has reached unbelievable heights. In fact pole dancing has become a very popular way of staying fit. So the new in thing in exercise, if you want to reduce weight is pole dancing.

How To Dance On A Pole

But, do you know how to pole dance? Well, there is a specific technique for the dance and all you need to do is learn that technique. Obviously you will need a full length pole to get started and practise on but without the proper technique you will never benefit. In this article we will tell you about the basic rules that you should follow to learn how to pole dance.

You can start pole dancing in any gym which offers the course. However, due to limited number of poles seats get filled very fast. So the first thing you need to do is get a pole for yourself or join a gym where you can have a pole to yourself. Next, you have to be careful to wear clothes which are comfortable and in which you would not be restricted from moving freely. Flexibility comes first and sexiness is just another option. The best would be dress as barely as possible because the naked skin can allow you have a better grip on the pole than clothed skin.
Now, for how to learn pole dance, you will need to follow the following steps. 

Grab the pole at your neck height straight, with your strong hand with your foot inside. So, one of your feet will be close to the foot of the pole while with your arm you stretch away from the pole in a manner which allows to balance your weight on your hand.

Now, step around and swing your free leg from side to side, making a circle around the pole with your inner foot as balance/ pivot. While rotating, make sure that your knee is a bit bent for more momentum.

After this you can try wrapping your legs around the pole and doing the dance in a better way. As you practise, you will learn how to pole dance.

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