How To Make Your Boobs Grow Naturally

Do you want to know how to make your boobs grow naturally?  The breast size of many women has left them feeling insecure and ill-at-ease and they often think they need to be larger. A number of women go to extreme lengths, putting their health at risk, to increase their size. This column will offer a number of different approaches you can take and information you can use, other than surgical, that are worth considering.

how to make your boobs grow naturally

In reality, a number of natural and safe approaches are available to increase your breast size other than putting yourself in the hands of a surgeon. The following compares several of the more favored approaches:


In most people’s vocabulary “exercise” is considered a four-letter word, but it offers a number of benefits if you are attempting to enlarge your breasts. You don’t want to go overboard and get rid of too much area fat, but a couple of exercises aimed at the muscles in the breast area can provide results that will be noticeable over a period of time if you do them on a consistent basis.

This is a good starting point if larger breasts are your goal. This is a healthy alternative and something you can do as you investigate other options.

Pills and Creams

Women have always been led to believe the breasts they have are the ones they must live and it’s somewhat difficult to understand how the application of a cream or taking a pill can make the breasts grow larger, but it can. But, is magic or some big mystery involved? No, both creams and pills cause the body to produce greater amounts of estrogen. This hormone is instrumental during the body’s growth and developmental stages.

What estrogen effectively does is store deposits of fat in “all the right spots” (and at times, a few wrong spots too!) A number of holistic creams are also available that will produce the same results. What all this really means is that the estrogen level in the body is increased and over a period of time, a fuller and larger breast will emerge. This will not be an overnight sensation by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a better alternative than undergoing surgery.


As previously noted, undergoing a surgical procedure is one method of increasing your breast size; however, this is a risky, expensive and painful approach. Recovery time can take several weeks or several months during which time your breasts will be painfully sore and extremely irritated. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved and breast enlargement is no different. One primary concern is developing an infection.

In addition, the tissues and nerves, in and around the breast area, losing feeling is an experience a number of women are often faced with. This situation could ultimately cause dissatisfaction during love-making down the road. Another well publicized risk is the possibility of ruptures and leakage after the implants have been inserted.

So, you now have an understanding of a few natural methods of getting the breast size you really want and you also understand the various risks involved with surgical implants. Don’t you think trying an alternative method is well worth it?

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