How To Learn Reiki

Do you want to know how to learn reiki? Flim-flam comes in many guises, and all those guises have been used in order to sell products via the Internet. But one area of human spirituality and energy-based healing that has been keeping pace with the times, and changing its methods and techniques to keep with new and greater demands, is reiki healing. This article on learning Reiki online will sift through the chaff and guide you to the facts, rather than the myths about Reiki that abound on the Internet.

How To Learn Reiki

First, let us take a look at what the essence of reiki attunement is, as against how it has been portrayed. Reiki is based on spiritual energy, as stated by the originator of the method, Misao Usui himself. Reiki masters state that they can utilize the energy latent in the atmosphere, and guide it through their hands into a patient’s or sufferer’s body. By ‘syncing’ the energy centers (see below) of a person’s body, reiki practitioners realign their ‘ki’ essences and thereby reduce pain. The basis of reiki, a Buddhist philosophy, is the idea that human beings possess certain centers of great energy, called ‘ki’ centers. If the person’s ‘ki’ centers are blocked, or misaligned, their energy becomes dammed up, in much the same way as water. Enough blockages will lead to severe constant pain, such as that which arthritics complain about. Taking reiki courses via the Internet can teach you how to remove this blockage. A proficient reiki practitioner can also help alleviate the mood of the sufferer, which further aids in healing them.

At present the huge number of reiki courses available is bewildering for many. In addition, even if people did choose the program they want, they are faced with the problem of choosing the right teacher, and of finding one in the area where they are based. Finding the right teacher can also be expensive, in addition to being horribly time-consuming, and with the hectic pace of life nowadays, who can be bothered to spend the hours and dollars necessary to derive maximum benefit out of face-to-face sittings with a reiki teacher?

The answer to all these problems is: learn reiki online. Online learning is both cheaper and easier than face-to-face classes, and many prominent masters of reiki methods recommend this path for those who cannot make the effort required by reiki master hood. An online reiki course certifies a practitioner to be able to offer reiki-based treatments to other people as well, provided a reiki learner ascends to the required level.

Because reiki is not dependent on the experience level of the user, and since the energy used in reiki is available for all human being, the power of the practitioner is less likely to influence the course, intensity and efficacy of the treatment. So take the plunge. Learn reiki online. Maybe you will find its benevolent rays warming your destiny.

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Natural Ways To Treat Psoriasis

Do you want to know natural ways to treat psoriasisIf you are a sufferer of psoriasis then you know how badly it affects your life. You are embarrassed of your appearance and you hate it when people look at you. You assume that they are judging you based on your skin and it is really embarrassing to live life like this. You want to make a change so you can become confident once again.

Natural Ways To Treat Psoriasis

There are treatments that the doctor can give to you such as medications and creams but they aren’t always guaranteed to work. This is a chance that you are not willing to take because you are so desperate to get rid of your psoriasis. You want a solution and fast so you can finally return to a confident person. It is time that you started treating psoriasis naturally.

In order to cure psoriasis at home, there are a few things that you can do. A great way to treat this skin condition is to take milk baths. There are ingredients in milk that helps to hydrate and nourish the skin. This will help to reduce the redness and flakiness caused by your psoriasis. Another way to treat psoriasis is to increase your vitamin D levels. This includes taking vitamin D tablets or going tanning. This helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin so the psoriasis will disappear.

Use these tips today to try and get the relief that you have been looking for. You can live a life where psoriasis isn’t in control any more. It is time that you made this happen today.

There is an effective treatment for psoriasis that doesn’t just cover up the problem, it actually treats it and eliminates it completely. If you are tired of living with the dry and flaky skin and if it is impacting your life, learn more from this helpful site on how you can cure psoriasis!

You don’t have to be embarrassed by this skin condition any longer. If psoriasis is causing you to feel nervous being around others and if you feel less attractive because of it, there is help. You can be rid of your psoriasis naturally.

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How To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Do you want to know how to improve your vision naturallyYou can say goodbye to contact lenses or glasses; and even achieve better vision without surgery. This is good news for most people who have been battling with blurry or poor vision over a long period of time. In a nutshell, you can see without glasses if you make up your mind about making some slight changes in your lifestyle and perform regular exercises.

How To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Only elderly people depended on glasses in those days; and this can be attributed to aging. However, advancement in technology, which has brought about computers and television sets have made it possible for children to start depending on lenses too. Sad as this might be; you can still improve your vision naturally without spending a fortune. Taking enough rest after straining your eyes working in front of the computer or watching television late into the night will help your eye muscles. Actually, our eyes are made up of tiny muscles that may be affected by strain and fatigue. These tiny muscles help them to move from one side to the other.

If urgent steps are not taken to get them back to good shape; they may resort to severe sight problems, which may require glasses. Contact lenses or glasses would do you no good in the long run; you need to address the root cause. Forget about contact lenses or eyeglasses; they may not get to the root causes. Find out how you can improve your vision naturally.

Not all optometrist believe in natural remedies to eye problems; and this has not helped many of us. They believe it is not only expensive, but less effective; and that is why stronger lenses are introduced virtually all the time. Rushing to an oculist when your eye problem persists may require stronger lenses or surgery; and this may keep aggravating the situation. Check out the following tips; and learn how you can see without glasses or improve your vision naturally:

  1. Train your eyes to move from one object to another; instead of focusing on a particular object for a long time. This technique is very effective; and will improve your vision naturally.
  2. You may use a technique called the Palming method or technique. This technique only requires closing your eyes for a couple of seconds after rubbing them together for about three minutes to generate some heat.
  3. Avoid spending all night watching TV and working right in front of your computer. A departure from some of these unhealthy and stressful lifestyles may be the magic you need to avoid depending on contact lenses for the rest of your life.

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How Do You Ride A Horse

Do you want to know how do you ride a horseThere are some things that just come natural to some. Some people are almost born knowing how to stay on a skateboard. Me personally, I fall flat just about every time that the board moves. That’s something that just wasn’t born in there. One thing that was born into my system was how to ride a horse. It seemed I knew how to ride a horse from birth but didn’t start riding alone till I was three. That was mainly in part to my beloved quarter horse Harlan who knew that I was a beginner. So, would you like for me to give you some tips on how to ride a horse?

How Do You Ride A Horse

When learning how to ride a horse one of the best things I can tell you is to always keep your cool. If you lose control of yourself, I have no doubt that you will lose control of the horse. You know how people say that a dog can sense if you’re scared? Well so can a horse. Some will bank on that fear as an easy way out of work. Even if you think that the horse is some big animal and you have no idea how you’ll ever stay on you can not think that around the horse. You need to stay calm and relaxed. If you get a little scared take a few deep breaths so that you can slow your heartbeat and relax yourself. Odds are, if you think you’re in control, so will the horse.

Now that you have calmed your nerves and told yourself that you are boss, let’s talk about how to ride a horse. There are two styles of riding you can think about when you learn how to ride a horse, English and western. If you haven’t ridden much I suggest a western saddle mainly because of the fact that is holds you in place better and has a horn for you to hang onto if you feel the need. An English saddle is lighter in weight, has thinner stirrups and no horn to hang onto. Some people swear by them for a beginner to build up balance and all but I just feel safer in a western saddle. I figure that if a cowboy thinks that they’re the best to hold you in I’ll have to agree with them. You can work on balance once you learn how to ride a horse a little better.

With the saddle in place, you can hop on and go for a ride. When you first learn how to ride a horse you can’t just hop on, dig in your heels and think that the horse will just mosey off. To make a horse go forward you generally will just have to squeeze a bit with your thighs. Might need to move your butt forward towards the horn a little to let them know you’re serious but being a beginner you should already be on a well broke horse. A green horse and a green rider are never a good combination when you first learn how to ride a horse. Green by the way means that you’re just learning. Don’t go out looking for a horse that will blend in with the grass. But once you’re up in the saddle and walking, you can guide your horse in one of two ways. If you know that your horse neck reins, you simply lay the reins across the left side of the neck to go to the right and across the right side of the neck to go left. If you were told that the horse plow reins, take one rein in each hand and pull on the side that you want to go. If you want to go right, gently tug on the right rein and vise versa with the left.

These are a few simple things for those who are just learning how to ride a horse. For those with experience in horseback riding you might have your own ideas but these are the basics that I teach my kids. And so far I feel that they know how to ride a horse quite well for their ages and practice safety procedures without risk or injury.

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How Potty Train A Puppy

Do you want to know how potty train a puppy“Dogs are man’s best friend,” so the popular saying goes. It is no wonder then that most people would love dogs as pets. Even majority of children, are exceedingly excited in taking care of puppies until they become full grown. Training the puppy is one of the most enjoyable times that children spend with their pets. Potty training a puppy is one of the challenging chores that puppy owners should learn to do.

How Potty Train A Puppy

Here are some pointers on potty training a puppy:

Establish a regular time

Puppies should be brought outside first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. The time should also be the same time daily. After meals, you should bring them outside again after about 30 minutes. You have to do this at the same time every day to establish routine. Consistency helps a lot in potty training a puppy.

Reward good behavior

When the puppy goes outside to his potty place then you can give a reward. You can give him something delicious to eat, or a treat. This will let him remember that going outside is associated with delicious food or a treat. A back rub also lets the puppy feel how much you care for him. Potty training a puppy needs more positive reinforcement than a negative attitude.

Praise the puppy for good behavior

You can praise your puppy when he deserves it. Contrary to some perception that puppies or dogs are unfeeling, puppies and dogs do feel it when you are scolding them or not. Your tone of voice and pitch will indicate if you are pleased with him or not. Speak pleasantly and praise him got good behavior. That is one excellent way of potty training a puppy.

If he does it inside, carry him outside to his potty place

There will be times that the puppy will potty somewhere else than his usual place, then you have to carry him and bring him to his potty place outside. Find a good potty place for him where he can freely do his thing. It would help if the place should also be consistent. But some may bring their puppy for a walk for his potty training. Bringing the puppy for a walk would also allow him to breathe in fresh air and have some time to frolic.

If you could not walk your puppy daily, then you can find him a potty place outside your house. It is important that the place should not be “dirty.” It is still good, hygienic practice to select a place that may cause infection or transmission of diseases to your puppy. Potty training a puppy will be easy if you love dogs.

It is good to use the carrot method than the stick method. The carrot method or rewards for good behavior are a positive and superb way of ensuring obedience and loyalty from your puppy. If he is trained early, he will soon grow to be a potty trained, well disciplined, and well behaved dog. In potty training a puppy, you should be firm but kind.

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How To Train Your Cat To Stop Scratching Furniture

Do you want to know how to train your cat to stop scratching furnitureCats claw things because it is instinct. Unfortunately for you, your cat may claw YOUR things. Don’t expect your cat to be trained to never claw anything because the cat needs to shed its nails, which is why it has the urge to claw. This does not mean you have to de-claw your cat I personally believe that de-clawing cats is cruel and unnatural. It affects their personality and is very traumatic. I can, however, provide some easy tips on how to keep your cat from ruining your furniture. Here are three easy steps to keep your cat from scratching up your things and give you peace of mind.

How To Train Your Cat To Stop Scratching Furniture

Step One: Provide plenty of things that your cat is allowed to scratch. You may try different types of scratch pads and posts to see which ones your cat prefers. You can find such items at your local pet supply store and prices vary, however, most scratch pads are fairly inexpensive. To help coax your cat to the new scratch post, you may try sprinkling some cat nip on the pad or post to entice your cat to rub its scent on it. This will lure your cat back to the scratch pad or post over and over again.

Step Two: Use double-sided tape on your furniture. Your cat may like its new scratching toy; however, it may find itself still interested in a piece of your furniture. If this is the case, try putting some double-sided tape in the places the cat likes to scratch and once the cat puts one paw on the tape it will quickly try to get away. Cats don’t like sticky stuff, so they won’t try to paw at the tape more than once. Pet stores carry large pieces of double-sided tape specifically for training cats not to scratch your furniture. The tape does not have to stick around permanently. After attempting to claw at the taped furniture your cat will likely not return again. I suggest keeping the tape on the furniture for about a week.

Step Three: Keep your cat’s nails trimmed. Because cats needs to shed their nails, they find that scratching things helps to remove the loose layers of nail, hence why your cat claws at furniture or other items in your house. Your local pet supply store sells clippers and nail files that can be used safely to trim your cat’s nails to help with the shedding process. Your cat may not like it at first, but if you keep it up on a weekly basis your cat will eventually get used to the process. I suggest giving your cat a treat or a good petting after clipping its nails. Because your cat’s nails are trimmed your cat will be less interested in clawing at things to shed its nails. The difference is noticeable. A cat with long un-trimmed nails will constantly claw at things to help the shedding of its claws, but if you keep the trimming up, you’ll see how much less often your cat will have the need to claw or scratch on surfaces.

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Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

Do you want to know salsa dance steps for beginnersSalsa is simply a series of steps to a series of beats. Beginners should start with learning the basics by either taking a class or watching an instructional video on salsa dance moves.

Salsa Dance Steps For Beginners

Because dancing is an expression through the body, it is crucial how you hold your body throughout a performance. First, it is important to maintain excellent posture. Keep a straight back and push your shoulders down. An upright position will help you to keep your balance for turns. Also, it adds to the sharpness of your form and contrasts nicely with the movement your hips, legs, and feet. Another important factor is to always keep your thumbs tucked near your palms. This helps create crisp, clean exchanges between partners as any turns and spins require adept hand placements; thumbs will only get in the way.

There are two rudimentary positions in salsa. The first is the closed position. The male places his right hand on the female’s left shoulder blade. In turn, the female places her left hand on the male’s right shoulder. Both male and female hold one another’s free hand away from the body with the arm bending straight up from the elbow.

The second position is the open position. The man holds his hands out in front of him, his arms bent forward at his elbows. His hands should be loosely cupped with his palms facing one another. The woman places her hands in his with the heel of her palms resting on his fingers, and her hands facing the floor. Remember, no thumbs!

For the purpose of keeping rhythm, salsa movements are broken down into counts, or beats, of eight. Steps are taken on counts one through three and five through seven for the most basic salsa movements, with pauses on counts four and eight.

Once you have achieved correct posture, position, and counting, you can learn the first steps in salsa! These steps can be done in either the closed position or the open position. Begin facing one another, in either position, with your feet together. To stay on the rhythm, take a step (or pause) for each count.

The male leads by stepping forward with his left foot on the first count. He then steps in place with his right foot. On the third beat, he steps his left foot back into its original position. The forth beat is a pause. On the fifth beat, the man steps back with his right foot. He steps in place with his left foot on the sixth count and steps his right foot back in place on the seventh count. The eighth beat is another pause.

Being led by the man, the woman steps back when the man steps forward and vice versa. For example, on the first beat she steps backward with her right foot. She steps in place with her left foot on the second beat. Then she steps her right foot back in place next to her left foot on the fourth beat and pauses on the third beat. The female then steps forward on the fifth beat with her left foot. On the sixth beat she steps in place with her right foot and steps her left foot back in place on the seventh beat. She pauses on the eighth beat.

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How To Dance On A Pole

Do you want to know how to dance on a poleIf you are intrigued by pole dancing then the very first thought which will strike your mind is, “how to pole dance”. Now, in most cultures and by most people, pole dancing is seen in a bad light as something that bar dancers do to arouse sexual pleasure in men. However, now a day’s pole dancing has reached unbelievable heights. In fact pole dancing has become a very popular way of staying fit. So the new in thing in exercise, if you want to reduce weight is pole dancing.

How To Dance On A Pole

But, do you know how to pole dance? Well, there is a specific technique for the dance and all you need to do is learn that technique. Obviously you will need a full length pole to get started and practise on but without the proper technique you will never benefit. In this article we will tell you about the basic rules that you should follow to learn how to pole dance.

You can start pole dancing in any gym which offers the course. However, due to limited number of poles seats get filled very fast. So the first thing you need to do is get a pole for yourself or join a gym where you can have a pole to yourself. Next, you have to be careful to wear clothes which are comfortable and in which you would not be restricted from moving freely. Flexibility comes first and sexiness is just another option. The best would be dress as barely as possible because the naked skin can allow you have a better grip on the pole than clothed skin.
Now, for how to learn pole dance, you will need to follow the following steps. 

Grab the pole at your neck height straight, with your strong hand with your foot inside. So, one of your feet will be close to the foot of the pole while with your arm you stretch away from the pole in a manner which allows to balance your weight on your hand.

Now, step around and swing your free leg from side to side, making a circle around the pole with your inner foot as balance/ pivot. While rotating, make sure that your knee is a bit bent for more momentum.

After this you can try wrapping your legs around the pole and doing the dance in a better way. As you practise, you will learn how to pole dance.

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Learn Belly Dance At Home

Do you want to learn belly dance at homeFeeling your insides and getting to know your muscles is the greatest way to begin to belly dance, because you focus on feeling your self, which is fun! Belly dance is the sweetest way to love your abs and build your internal body strength. Belly dance only looks hard because we are used to focusing on arm and leg moves to understand a movement. So just shift your focus on your softness, and the SHAPES of the movements and the belly movements will start to feel right and make sense.

Learn Belly Dance At Home

The other reason to focus on FEELING your belly muscles as you begin the dance is you will look a lot more seductive and alluring. If you try to do the movements fast when you are just starting out, you tend to look like you are trying too hard and you look like you are not in touch with yourself. Belly dance is all about being in touch with yourself and letting others understand how this feels without you looking like you are struggling or in pain.

Here are five basic shapes that create beginners belly dance moves:

1. Circle

This is the sexiest and simplest. All you need do is feel the joints of your hip, the shoulder and make a circle. Keep the ball of the foot planted on the ground and roll that hip joint, feel the fullness of that joint and pull it into your self. There are so many circles to explore in the joints of the body, just make sure you feel the full circle otherwise you are cheating yourself.

2A. Figure 8 – Hips.

This is the toughest but the most hypnotic. Use your finger to draw the shape of a horizontal figure 8 in front of you. Have your hips follow your finger – do it SLOW. And SLOW down, the slower – the more seductive and the more juice you can feel in yourself.

2B. Figure 8 – Belly Undulation or Belly Roll.

This is the most confusing but the most satisfying. Start by lifting your heart with a breath. Exhale and drop the chest and pull in the belly button as if the wind is taken out of you. Move the belly button into spine and drop the tail and butt. Tuck the tail under and pull in the lower belly underneath your belly button. And start the vertical figure8 all over again by breathing into the heart and lifting the chest. Exploring different ways you can massage your belly organs with this roll is the best way to practice the movement as it is intended to be therapeutic and sensual.

3. The ripple or wave – as used in the “Snake arms”.

This move is similar to the “breaking” move used in hip hop but it is like feeling water flow through your arms. The easiest way is to feel your armpits. Yes! Lift up one wrist, then the elbow and feel the space created by the armpit, like there is golden air coming out of your ribs and the arm is lifted by the golden mist. (Your imagination is everything is this dance.)

4. Diamond (square or box)

The diamond shape or square is how you accent the front, back and sides of the hips, chest and head. You can focus on only doing side to side moves, as with the head slide. Or you can focus on doing front to back moves, as with the hip tucks up and down. Hip tucks lift the pelvic muscles up (front) and soften and release them down (back). The chest lift is also an up and down movement. The focus for the chest lift is feeling the heart lift front and drop back into the center of the body.

5. The “V”

This is the shape used for lifting the heart from the center of the chest up to one side and down to center and then up to the other side. The “V” is also the shape used for stepping one foot forward, then stepping feet together and stepping the other foot forward to shift weight from one hip to the other.

Exploring with the shapes of belly dance will give you a beginner’s vocabulary for the form of belly dance. To dive deeper into yourself I always recommend training with a professional belly dancer as they will give you new ways to explore this ancient art and teach you combinations of movements that continue to challenge your muscles and mind.

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How To Hypnotize Someone Secretly

Do you want to know how to hypnotize someone secretlyWould you like to “hijack” their minds and take control of their thoughts? So that they do what you want them to do? All of this is possible if you master the art of hidden hypnosis and conversational coercion.

How To Hypnotize Someone Secretly

First it is important though that you realize that hypnosis is not some kind of magic mind control, where you can just tell someone to jump off a cliff or have sex with you and they do it. There are limits to what you can do with hypnosis, and it is not like it is in cartoons.

Yet, you can do a lot of things. You can sell things to people who wouldn’t otherwise buy from you. You can create attraction. You can get people to do things they would not otherwise do, and you can become the dominant person in any room who determines what actions others are going to take.

When you learn about sneaky hypnotic language patterns, you can talk with people about pretty much anything, have just a normal conversation – while you are secretly hypnotizing them.

If you have read this far, and you are becoming more curious about how exactly to do this, read the following paragraphs carefully.

One of the most important tools for this is a technique called “embedded commands”. What you do is to essentially “hide” a hypnotic suggestion in a normal sentence. An example of that can be seen in the previous paragraph. The embedded command was “you are becoming more curious”. Now, using embedded commands in written language is a lot less powerful than in spoken language, because when you speak, you can change the tone of your voice just so slightly that it gets processed by the brain as a hypnotic command, rather than just part of the normal sentence. Also, realize that you must always make people take small steps, rather than trying to get them to do one big step. Make the commitment small, seem almost insignificant – but stack twenty of them on top of each other, and you will be amazed what you can get people to do.

There are many “rules” when it comes to using embedded commands and the tonality of your voice the right way – and you can continue to learn about them. But one thing you can do right now is to think of situations where you could use embedded commands and decide to use them in your language more often, and see how that changes your ability to influence other people.

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